HP Lovecraft’s the Shadow Over Innsmouth Part 1 of 3

My vision of this classic tale. This film was screened at the Atopic Film Festival in Paris, France, 2009, the 2009 Machinima Expo, and the 2010 Cinéma Tous Ecrans at Geneva, Switzerland. Awarded “Best Horror”, “Best Special Effects”, and “Best the Movie Film” at the 2009 TMU Ollies Awards. Marc Cholette as Robert Olmstead James Eastman as Zadok Allen Brian Wardell as the Bus Driver Joshua Peterson as the Grocery Boy Joseph Kwong as the Gilman House Night Clerk Ken White as Uncle Walter John Norton as the Radio Announcer Mark Johnson as the Priest of Dagon Special thanks to MikeDBoing and Nick Wellburn Music by Kaiiyoti and Marc Cholette
Video Rating: 4 / 5