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Welcome to Miskatonic University's Student Center. From here you can access your records and see what's going on around the campus. This website is here to serve the H.P. Lovecraft community by recreating an imagined university and make it a reality. A university bound by researchers, scientists and theologians focused on shedding light to this world and keeping the eldrich horrors at bay. We prepare our students for the grilling work of investigating the Cthulhu Mythos and collecting the world's most dangerous and arcane artifacts. Enrolling as a student is only the beginning, consider the various roads of how you may help our community grow.

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6 hours ago

By request, I am reposting the single recording narration of HP Lovecraft’s The Outsider.
Read by Samantha of
The Outsider by H.P. Lovecraft, a reading
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What are your thoughts on this piece?

4 days ago

What are yall's thoughts on Robert Chamber's The King in Yellow and specifically Carcosa, Hali, and Hastur? [picture of an old gringo for visual interest] ... See MoreSee Less

What are yalls thoughts on Robert Chambers The King in Yellow and specifically Carcosa, Hali, and Hastur? [picture of an old gringo for visual interest]

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I think the Trip to Carcosia was a waste of time. But the King in Yellow is a very interesting reading.

For me, Hastur/The King in Yellow is one of the best "gods" in Cthulhu Mythos, if not the best (Nyarlathotep is hard to beat in coolness, tho)

Extremely cool concepts that can be adapted very easily. True Detective Season 1 was a brilliant working of this aspect of the mythos.

Oh, it is on Gutenberg if anyone doesn't have access to a copy.

Hastur's first appearance in print Ambrose Bierce- "Haita The Shepherd" (1891)

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4 days ago

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4 days ago

I've read "Nyarlathotep" and I've read "The Crawling Chaos", and the two never seemed to be related, which was disappointing.

But upon a recent reading of Nyarlathotep, I suddenly realize that the two stories actually make good companion pieces.

In Crawling Chaos you have what amounts to 3 acts. The first is the guy in the house as he sort of transitions to a different universe or future time or whatever.
The second is out in nature when the man finds the sort of Fae Folk.
The last act is the man as he watches the world gradually eaten up or destroyed by the encroaching chaos.

Upon re-reading Nyarlathotep recently, I realized that the prophecies he projects on the screen of his light show, by their description, could easily describe what it looked like on the ground when the final act of Crawling Chaos occurred.

In other words, Nyarlathotep was a prophet of the Crawling Chaos that would eat up the world in some future time.

Read like this, they fit pretty neatly together.
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Excellent research! We must re-read them with this in mind.

1 week ago

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Backyard in...Chernobyl?

Almost looks like a Buddha's Hand.

Been waiting for this to hit this group. 😂

I don't know what it is, but it's weird and pissed off, whatever it is...

No that lemon was grown on the Granger farm after the meteorite hit near the well.

Re "when life gives you lemons, make sacrifices"--assuming that we are speaking in terms of Euclidean geometry (not a safe bet, but let's assume it regardless), and that cause/effect work as we understand them--this is what happens when you don't make the proper sacrifices.

Lemon tree is very pretty and they lemon flower is bright but if you don’t slip that virgin in the dirt, you’ll be the one feeding it tonight

Life never gave anyone lemons they are a cross hybridisation from the citron. Entirely man made.

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