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Welcome to Miskatonic University's Student Center. From here you can access your records and see what's going on around the campus. This website is here to serve the H.P. Lovecraft community by recreating an imagined university and make it a reality. A university bound by researchers, scientists and theologians focused on shedding light to this world and keeping the eldrich horrors at bay. We prepare our students for the grilling work of investigating the Cthulhu Mythos and collecting the world's most dangerous and arcane artifacts. Enrolling as a student is only the beginning, consider the various roads of how you may help our community grow.

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1 day ago

Once again, the library asks that books from the secure collection not be removed from the building... ... See MoreSee Less

Once again, the library asks that books from the secure collection not be removed from the building...

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how am i gonna explain this to the principal o Ao)

Some of the books cannot safely be brought into or out of any building at all. Build and demolish the buildings around those books; do not allow them to approach a threshold of *any* type, much less literal ones.

It was Agatha all along


We again request all sophomore girls not to experiment with the Prince Summoning, but if you do, remember it's purple RAIN not purple flame

Reminder for maintenance crews - void fires burn on multiple levels of reality, and if any hot spots are left the smoldering embers can attach to you and spread.

Either the alarm system isn’t functioning or someone didn’t hide the smart chip in the binding well enough. If it’s done right, the cage drops around the offender as soon as they try to leave the area.

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19 hours ago

When I was running a series of "Call of Cthulhu" RPGs I had two non-player characters that I often tossed in to make things interesting, Dr. Usher and his associate, Miss Clara Hawkings. Since these games were situated in the mid-1920s, I had to adjust these two to make them understandable to that era.
Dr. Usher was an Alienist, and hence was useful whenever anyone cracked up from seeing one too many Eldritch Abominations, not to mention being good to have around if anyone needed medical attention. However, there were certain things about him that were rather...uncanny. He was capable of thinking outside the box before anyone ever suspected that there was a box to begin with. Nothing ever upset his sanity, no matter how unnervingly unusual. He was probably the only person who could have a cozy dinner with Nyarlathotep and have a good laugh about it later.
Miss Hawkings was a former private eye--quite unusual for 1925--possibly the bravest person you'd ever meet, and an absolute crack shot with a 1911 Colt .45. Why she became Dr. Usher's associate is a bit of a mystery, one that neither of them would talk about. However, they would each not hesitate to kill if the other were in danger. Despite appearances, the relationship was almost a father-daughter one.
In any case, in dealing with Dr. Usher, one would be wise to keep three rules in mind: 1. Do not lie to Dr. Usher. He'll know. 2. Do not disrespect Dr. Usher. He will resent it. You do not want him resenting you. And 3. Do not, under any circumstances, threaten Miss Hawkings. Just...don't. I really don't want to explain why.
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Oh, and if you are foolish enough to threaten Miss Hawkings, it is quite possible that she will shoot you herself. If this is how you die, thank your lucky stars--the alternative would be worse. Much, much worse.

2 days ago

From The Onion, 1999:
FROM THE Moscow correspondent, 15 Mar - Former members of the Russian aristocracy are continuing, for the seventh straight year, to kill Grigoriy Rasputin, hypnotist, healer, and counsel to former tsar Nicholas II.
"In the first year, we commenced with our plan to poison him, shoot him, stab him, and then drown him in the Neva River," said Prince Felix Yusupov, leader of the aristocrats charged with killing the charismatic mystic. "But those efforts met with fair to middling success, as Rasputin continued to stay alive."
In 1917 alone, the Kill Rasputin Project conceived of attempts to speed up the process, such as encasing his head in solid iron, repeated electrocutions, two beheadings, and a burial.
Yusupov recalls: "It was in 1919, at the Kill Rasputin Project holiday staff party, that someone came up with the idea of chopping his body into hundreds of little pieces and scattering them across the Russian countryside."
The chopping up of Rasputin, for a short time, seemed to be succeeding, until word reached the project's headquarters that Rasputin had been seen cavorting with Russian farm ladies, coercing them into unsavoury relations using his strange and irresistible charm.
In later years, Rasputin was set on fire, dissolved in acid, boiled alive, flensed, fed molten lead, ground beneath the wheels of a freight train, thrown from the top of St Basil's Cathedral, impaled on sharpened stakes, buried under 10 tons of hot gravel, struck at high speeds by an automobile, strapped to the mouth of a great cannon which was then fired several times, bolted to the keel of an icebreaking ship which was repeatedly run aground, drawn and quartered, crucified, run through with a cavalry spear from bowel to gullet, vivisected, and eviscerated. Furthermore, throughout the process, he was continually re-poisoned, re-stabbed and re-shot.
"We're making excellent progress," Yusupov said. "This trickster's mysterious influence over the now-dead czar will soon come to an end. It is only a matter of time."
The team expects Rasputin's death to take place no later than 1925.
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2 days ago

This looks amazing ... See MoreSee Less

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This looks promising, i love it!

Looks like Dame Maggie Smith.

6 days ago

... See MoreSee Less

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Or so you asume

That's not all that's going on outside of our immediate view. "As sunlight obscures the stars by day, so does wakefulness obscure the fact we are still dreaming." Peter J. Carroll

Sssshhh. Do not let the Unseen know that you're thinking about It. You could vanish.

My wife tells my this every day......

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