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Welcome to the Miskatonic University Bookstore. We offer memorabilia of our grand institution. Below you will find 3 sections: Featured Item, Apperal, Non-Apperal, and the Bookstore. Many of our products from the Featured Item section are created here on campus. Apperal, Non-Apperal contains cups, mugs, t-shirts and many other products supplied by Tshirt Bordello, CafePress and Zazzle. The Bookstore is provided by partners at By purchasing any of these products, you help support this website. For any purchases, send an email to [email protected] and let us know of your purchase and we’ll add you to our alumni, award you a diploma and transcript for free. For more details, read our policy on Contributions.
Thank you for supporting your alma mater. If you are interested in suggesting an item, please let us know.

Miskatonic Apparel Patch bumpersticker license plate
$19.99 and up
Miskatonic Apparel Patch
– $15.00
My Child and Money… MU
Bumpersticker – $3.99
License Plate
Miskatonic Squids Glass

Best Sellers

Mu Cup stien pet cloths
Coffee Mug
Thermos Bottle
MU Collectable Stein
Cthulhu 2012
“Change Everything”


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