The Miskatonic Squids

The Miskatonic Squids is the soccer team for Miskatonic University. Established in 1918, the Squids have competed in the Upper College Division and the Big Ten. The squids is made up of current active students and led by Coach Jack Armstrong. Join the Squids as they take on national teams this upcoming season.

The 1923 Miskatonic Squids

Seasonal Calendar

  • Miskatonic Squids vs. Brown Herrings – August 27, 1923
  • Miskatonic Squids vs. Columbia Lynx – September 3, 1923
  • Miskatonic Squids vs. Cornell Cougars – September 10, 1923
  • Miskatonic Squids vs. Harvard Badgers – September 17, 1923
  • Miskatonic Squids vs. Princeton Chiefs – September 24, 1923
  • Miskatonic Squids vs. U.Penn. Puritans – October 1, 1923
  • Miskatonic Squids vs. Amherst College Wolves – October 8, 1923
  • Miskatonic Squids vs. Carleton College Tigers – October 15, 1923
  • Miskatonic Squids vs. Middlebury College Robins – October 22, 1923

Few members of Miskatonic University were skilled to make it into the team. These heroes not only have won against rival schools but each has embarked on expeditions and survived. Whether battling the Princeton Chiefs or scaling a mountain in search of Ithaqua, the Miskatonic Squids are made to fight! In commemoration, we celebrated the original opening season with a collectable 16-oz Pilsner glass with the Miskatonic Squids logo. If you are traveling throughout Providence Rhode Island, there are a couple of places that may have one of these on display. If you managed to have joined when we were selling these, consider yourself among the few.This handsome collection of glasses are modeled based on the local Arkham brew – Cthulbrew. Each glass comes with a gold-rim across the top of the glass. If you are interested in being notified when we have more in stock, please let us know by contacting us.

Front View

Close-up of logo and top rim

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