Miskatonic U Web Comic

Miskatonic U - a web comic

Miskatonic U – a web comic

One thing that’s missing in your weekly newspaper that is an essential must is Alex Bradley’s Miskatonic U. web comic. Bradley describes Miskatonic U as, “the story of Winston Coward, a panphobic freshman (Class of 1915) who worries about every mundane aspect of college: classes, learning to socialize, surviving hazing rituals.”

The campus extends into other dimensions and is a place of learning for young members of the Great Race of Yith, which Lovecraft introduced in The Shadow Out of Time.

If you like it, drop by the Miskatonic U’s web-comic facebook page and like them! Alex has allowed us to syndicate Miskatonic U through the Miskatonic Inquisitor. When you go to misk-u.com be sure to check out the comic from it’s very beginning.