Become an Alumni

Miskatonic University offers membership to it’s website and systems to Students, Alumni, Faculty and Trustee members only.

This is not a real university and in no way is anything pertaining to this site supposed to represent a higher education institution.

Benefits of membership:

  • Users become a part of history. By registering, you are added to the fictional student body of Miskatonic University, a legacy of H.P. Lovecraft’s work on the net.
  • You have a chance of joing the Miskatonic Squids TM,Miskatonic’s official fake Sports team
  • You recieve a fake certificate as a complimentary gift depending on the membership option that you choose
  • You recieve an official fake class listing to use for entertainment purposes
  • Access to our Facebook Group (which is for private members only)

In order to become an Alumni, Faculty or Trustee member, you must make a donation to Miskatonic University to cover the administration fees to keep the institution alive. Depending on your donation will determine whether you get your membership with an online version of your diploma or you can gain Faculty status and receive a commemorative Diploma that you can hang on your wall.

* Join the Alumni

  • (basic membership)
  • Get your Class listing
  • An online version of your certificate
  • Order as a gift


Trustee package Trustee Package: Alumni, Faculty, Trustee Membership

  • Get your Class listing
  • An online version of your certificate
  • A physical copy of your certificate
  • Inducted as a Trustee and receive a deluxe letter of recognition with a decorative border
  • Order as a gift
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