Youtube Channel Manager

Miskatonic University is looking for someone who can be in charge of the Miskatonic Inquisitor Youtube Channel. This position requires a user to select ONE Lovecraft video on Youtube per week – 4 submissions per month. This position pays out $20 per month for these 4 video reviews/re-posts.

Responsibilities include:

  • Must post a review of no less than 100 words on the Miskatonic Inquirer pointing to Youtube video
  • Must post a comment on the Youtube video on behalf of the university.
  • Must like the video.
  • Must add video to our channel promoting it to the Featured Playlist
  • Demoting a Featured video in its place
  • Provide the link to the video and a small blurb to broadcast via Facebook Twitter
  • Post the blurb to the Miskatonic University Facebook Group

In essence the job is for a Reviewer. So the candidate will need to scour quality Lovecraft pieces on Youtube, make a helpful comment and hopefully provide some sense of discussion. They will then “Like” the video, add it to a Playlist, add it to the Featured Playlist, remove one of the current Featured Playlist videos in its place. Once all is set up in place, you’ll provide a quick email to us with a review of the  video (150 words max) and provide a small blurb (128 characters max) so that we can share on Facebook / Twitter.

The candidate will submit 4 videos per month that will be distrusted via our Facebook pages, our Twitter feed and our Youtube Channel and will be paid $20 ($5 per video).

We are NOT looking for someone to submit their videos. This position is strictly for an editor who can select a current video online and promote it.

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