Edgar Allan Poe film – Poe Last Days of the Raven trailer

www.PoeLastDaysoftheRaven.com SEEKING AN ANGEL INVESTOR FOR MY NEXT FEATURE .. A CELTIC SUPERNATURAL MACBETH.. WILL BE DAZZLING.. 604 7206424 BRENT 01 Poe Last Days Of The Raven Feature Film Trailer Completed in June this year, won the top prize as BEST FEATURE FILM at the beginning of October, at the Cinema City International Film Festival, in Los Angeles, at Universal Studios, run by Suzanne Du Laurentis of the Dino Du Laurentis family of producers. www.cciff.com The feature was shot in British Columbia, Canada and was a collaboration of international artists from Canada, the United States, and Europe. January 19, 2009 is Poes 200th birthday, and a number of A list Hollywood film adaptations of Poes works are completed and ready for this global celebration. Executive producer, screenwriter, co-director and POE star BRENT FIDLER, won a Best Actor Leo award for FF Coppola’s First Wave, and recently returned from starring in three Lions Gate features in LA, and just completed the new Al Pacino film Salomaybe. Originally a renowned stage play, Poe – Last days of the Raven was a passionate 24 years in the making. The Director of Photography and co-director is the masterful ERIC GOLDSTEIN (The Usual Suspects, Arachnophobia), and the editor is BARRY BACKUS, who edited the Academy award winning film Artie Shaw – Time is all you got. The music composer is TUOMAS KANTELINEN (Mindhunters, The Knights Templar) and was the composer on the 2008 academy award nominated best foreign