Cradle of Filth – Cthulhu Dawn (Live at Nottingham Rockcity)

Cthulhu Dawn Cthulhu dawn Spatter the stars Douse their luminosity With our amniotic retch Promulgating the birth Of another Hell on Earth Shadows gather poisoned henna for the flesh A necrotic cattle brand The hissing downfall pentagram Carven deep upon the church doors of the damned But no Passover is planned A great renewal growls at hand And only when they’re running Will they come to understand… So ends the pitiful reign of Man When the moon exhales Behind a veil Of widowhood and clouds On a Biblical scale We raise the stakes To silhouette the impaled Crowds… Within this kissed disembowel arena A broken seal on an ancient curse Unleashes beasts from the seismic breach With lightning reach and genocidal thirst Mountains of archaos theories In collision as at planetary dawn Apocalypse’s razorbacks Beat wings on glass as thunder cracks Unfurled across a world hurled to the black Cthulhu dawn Shatter the glass house Wherein spirits breathe out Halitosis of the soul From a recking abscess Plague of far righteousness All fates hang in the balance Mocking crucified dolls An inquisition outs When the Sun goes out our powers Will extend throughout Heaven like Asphodel As they have for countless lustrum In dark Midian accustoned To burning effigies of our enemies well So begins the sibilant world Death knell… When a corpse wind howls And awakes from drowse The scheming dead freed Of gossamer shrouds We gorgonise eyes Of the storm aroused Red… Blinding time All lines

Brixton Academy
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