Lovecraft in Brooklyn (AesopRemix)

Sketch Theatre Artist Nate Frizzell creates a sketch video for The Mountain Goats/Aesop Rock remix of “Lovecraft in Brooklyn” / 4AD Records.

Out of Mind: The Stories of HP Lovecraft, the acclaimed Bravo! television movie, stars Christopher Heyerdahl (Kingdom Hospital, Stargate Atlantis, Smallville) and Michael Sinelnikoff (If Looks Could Kill, The Lost World: The Series). The film is a quasi-documentary about Lovecraft in which the author interacts with one of his fictional characters with dialogue taken directly from Lovewcraft’s collected personal letters and elements from multiple of his short stories such as “The Statement of Randolph Carter” and “The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.” There is a plethora of allusions to Lovecraft’s mythos for the astute fan, but the film is also a great primer on the philosophy and literary works of HP Lovecraft for the uninitiated. The film includes two audio commentaries both featuring actor Christopher Heyerdahl and director Raymond Saint-Jean, with cinematographer Serge Ladouceur joining them on the second track. Also on this DVD are John Strysik’s short film The Music of Eric Zann, and Aaron Vanek’s short films The Outsider & My Necronomicon. Bonus features include an exclusive interview with the crew of The Music of Eric Zann, audio commentaries on Vanek’s short films, an interview with Lovecraft scholar ST Joshi, trailers for upcoming Lovecraft films, and an 8-page color booklet. New in this release: 1. English subtitles for Out of Mind 2. English subtitles for The Music of Eric Zann 3. English subtitles for The Outsider 4. Presented in widescreen where possible 5. New
Video Rating: 4 / 5