HP Lovecraft Collection® Vol. 2: Dreams of Cthulhu

April 24, 2010 in Cthulhu Sitings, Inquisitor News

Rough Magik (part of the Dreams of Cthulhu DVD) is the pilot episode for a proposed BBC television series starring Paul Darrow (Blake’s 7, Doctor Who) and Gerrard McArthur (A Touch of Frost, The Life and Death of Peter Sellers). The Night Scholars, a clandestine organization setup to monitor the effects of the alien sleeping god Cthulhu, have come to a single, incontrovertible conclusion: Cthulhu is waking and is affecting weaker minded people (Dreamers) causing death and chaos. With the help of the mysterious Mr. Moon (Paul Darrow), they launched an aggressive campaign against the Dreamers but were disbanded by the Home Office after they trod on the toes of some powerful people. Now years later, the old magic is returning, Cthulhu is rising, and there are more Dreamers than Mr. Moon can handle as he struggles to rebuild the Night Scholars before its too late. The film also includes an audio commentary by writer/producer Stephen W. Parsons, a production still slideshow, and an eight-page color booklet on the characters and proposed episodes of the Rough Magik series. Also on this DVD are Bob Fugger’s short films Terrible Old Man & From Beyond, and Christian Matzke’s short films Experiment 17 & Experiment 18–The Hexenhammer Projekt. Bonus features include an interview with Lovecraft scholar ST Joshi, and an interview with the crew of Terrible Old Man. New in this release: Experiment 17 by Christian Matzke Experiment 18—The Hexenhammer Projekt by Christian Matzke English