HP Lovecraft’s The Music of Erich Zann

Created using “The Movies”. A gifted musician discovers the notes and melodies to open portals into the infinite dimensions. But what crawling chaos lies on the other side? This is my third film based on the works of Howard Philips Lovecraft – spurred into action by the impending HPL Film Festival competition. I was REALLY wanting to get a voice over finally for this one, but no time! Competition closes next Monday and I’m away to London for the weekend to see the Kings of Leon! Although I did manage to record a horrendous scream… I changed a wee bit of the story leading up to the finale (don’t want to spoil it by explaining too much). But sticking too closely to the text just lost a bit of impact. I don’t think I changed the spirit of it. Hopefuly HPL fans will forgive me and no-one else will notice anyway! The “dated” look – scratches, grain etc – was achieved using Augie64’s Filtermod (from themovies.filefront.com). Custom overlays and backdrops are all made by myself (I was in Paris recently which inspired me to choose to do this story), except for the couple of overlays in 1900s Paris which are copyright free pictures from Wikisource. The b&w overlays that I made myself were touched up in photoshot to give an aged photo look. The Rue d’Auseil was a photo I took in Montmartre (practically the only street I could find without swarms of tourists or bumper to bumper cars!). Except where the standard Movies music is used, I composed the music myself in Magix Music Maker