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If you are a roleplayer that plays a game like Spycraft, d20 Modern, Shadowrun, or any other modern setting roleplaying game, you’re going to need modern miniatures for your miniature combat. I’m going to list a few places that are good for finding modern miniatures. However, most of these sites carry a variety of miniatures that you will be able to find there.

Dixon Miniatures – This company is located in the United Kingdom. They recently released a wide range of Yakuza figures in the 28mm scale. Dixon Miniatures has a huge line of modern miniatures. They are currently looking at creating a large line of martial arts figures. 

Old Glory Miniatures – Old Glory Miniatures has a huge line of miniatures, including historical, civil war, modern, fantasy, and much, much more. One of their featured customer service programs is the Old Glory Army program. Customers in this program can earn up to 40% off their miniatures if they participate in this program. It is very worth-while if you purchase a lot of miniatures each year.

RAFM Miniatures & Games – RAFM has some great miniatures, especially their USX brand. Their website has a lot of pictures of their miniatures in action, all painted with great scenery to compliment the miniatures. They also have a system of rules designed for miniature combat with their USX brand. The rules system is called, “USX Modern Day Heroes”. However, their modern miniatures are very usable in any type of game.

Pulp Figures – This company is kind of the odd-ball of those that have been listed so far. When you think of the product they have, think Indiana Jones, Sky Captain of Tomorrow, and Call of Cthulhu. Many Call of Cthulhu players find the miniatures they offer to be very useful for their games.

Reaper Miniatures – One of the largest miniatures companies in the world. They recently split off another version of their company into a new company called Asylum Miniatures. This company will focus on pre-painted miniatures, where as Reaper Miniatures focused on the traditional non-pre-painted miniatures.

There are many other companies you could look at that carry modern miniatures, like: Iron Wind Metals, Denizen Miniatures, Ground Zero Games, All About Miniatures, Stan Johansen Miniatures, Amazon Miniatures, Lance & Laser, Metal Maniacs, ZombieSmith, and many more. Just do a search on Google for ‘modern miniatures’ and you should be able to find a decent selection of companies that offer modern miniatures.

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