…the Necronomicon, a Highly Secret Magical Text…the Most Feared, Fascinating, and Dangerous Book in the History of Humankind . . . Necronomicon

January 12, 2010 in Inquisitor News, Lovecraft News

The most feared, fascinating, and dangerous book
in the history of humankind . . . Necronomicon

An ancient and powerful book of spells that could, in the wrong hands, create unimaginable and irreversible devastation — the Necronomicon featured prominently in the stories of legendary horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. For many generations, few believed it to be anything other than pure fiction.

The Necronomicon is reputed to be the greatest magical grimoire in existence. Its secrets go beyond mere necromancy and reveal the cosmic horror of ultimate reality. It has gone through many editions in many languages since it was first written by Abdul Alhazred in the early 8th century. Alhazred’s Arabic title was Al-Azif, but the work has become more famous by its Greek title, the Necronomicon.

THESE SPELLS were originally worked by the mystics of ancient Sumeria, a mysterious civilization that flourished in what is now knows as Iraq over two thousand years before the birth of Christ.

No one knows who the Sumerians really were, or where they came from. Some say they came from the darkest parts of Africa, where they were a nomadic people. Then, suddenly, in less than a hundred years they became a full-fledged agricultural society with cities and farms and beautiful temples that reached to the skies. They gave credit for their awakening to a strange being who came to them from the sea, wearing a diving suit, and who taught them writing, science, agriculture, architecture and, of course, magick.

Almost overnight, the Sumerians became a people. Working the system of the NECRONOMICON in the seven-storied temples, they became the most cultured and powerful force in the Middle East. It is their system of magick that has been retained in the NECRONOMICON.

Now, after literally thousands of years, this secret mystical system for winning power, love and success is made available to everyone.

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