Set Up the Poker Table and Check Out These Great Board Games

Get the poker table set up, the chips out and play these great board games on a rainy night in with the homies.

Last Night ON Earth: The Zombies Game

This fun zombie board games takes place in the fictional town of Woodinvale where the town is overrun by flesh eating zombies. With a fast game pace you can play as either the heros or the zombies, with 8 different heros to choose from. With 2-6 players possible and running around 60-90 minutes you don’t have to invest a lot of time into playing a round of Last Night on Earth. The games even comes with a CD soundtrack that you can put on while you are playing.

Saved by the Bell Board Game

The popular early 90s television show was made into board game form with this now collectable item from the Saved by the Bell franchise. The great thing about this game is that both girls and boys can play it as you compete to win a date with Zack or Slater if you are a girl or Kelly, Jessi or Lisa if you are a boy. The board game features lots of great trivia and situations from the show that the hardcore Saved by the Bell fan will laugh and love. You aren’t a true Saved by the Bell fan unless you’ve got this board game in your closet.

Arkham Horror

This elaborate and complex board game based on the stories of H.P. Lovecraft puts you in charge of an investigator trying to beat back the forces of evil by delving deep into the lurking horror and Mythos of Lovecraft’s work and elaborate monster hierarchy. You can play with up to 6 players and form teams to make it out alive and defeat the horror. The board game is popular enough that four different game upgrades have been released, giving the player more stories, more monsters and more weapons at their disposal. If you are looking for a board game to play with friends that is less a game and more of an interactive novel, then Arkham Horror is that game.

Alan McGee is a freelance writer from MN