Sea Reptilian Movies Perfect for Late Night Bunk Bed Viewing Pt. 1

A list of great movies with sea reptilian creatures that are perfect to watch late at night with a bowl of popcorn while tucked into your twin bunk bed for the night.


Based on the H.P. Lovecraft story “The Horror at Innsmouth”, “Dagon” is a pretty refaithful retelling of his story about a lost New England fishing city that sold themselves to the water God Dagon in exchange for gold and riches. The minor sea gods, “The Old Ones” come to land and impregnate the women, breeding more half man half reptilian monsters that the protagonist of the film stumbles upon. His quest for survival after uncovering the town’s horrible secret is the main plot of the film. True to Lovecraft form, the film does not end on a positive note.


This 1999 Korean horror film is very obviously based on the Godzilla films of the past, with an archealogical party finding a mysterious underground cave that turns out to house the bones of Yonggary, a giant reptilian dinosaur whose goal it is to bring the end of the world. The key to destroying the alien control of Yonggary is the diamond on his forehead. Once the diamond is destroyed, the power of Yonggary is loosened and he is send to an abandoned island to live a peaceful life.


This giant monster film from 1961 is just what you’d expect from the monster movies from that era. Resembling a giant dragon looking serpent, Reptilicus is found in the frozen Lapland section of Sweden. The monster thaws out when brought to an aquarium in Copenhagan, where it then goes on a rampage through the Danish countryside and streets of Copenhagen. Reptilicus is finally taken down by poison, but the foot of Reptilicus was not destroyed, leaving open the possibility that the monster could regenerate itself and wreck havoc again.

alan mcgee is a freelance writer from MN.