Paintball Guns Won’t Protect You From The Horror Films of Sam Raimi

January 12, 2010 in Inquisitor News, Lovecraft News

Paintball guns won’t protect you from the horror of the films of Sam Raimi, so get ready. You may know him for his work as the director of the “Spiderman” films, but Sam Raimi began his career making low budget horror films. It wasn’t until recently that he broke into mainstream Hollywood films, making enough money on one Spiderman film than he probably did in his entire career before that. Here is a list of a few of Raimi’s horror films.

“The Evil Dead”

The first major film by Raimi, and the first film in what would eventually become a trilogy of films, “Evil Dead” is based largely on the fictitious “Necronomicon” or “Book of the Dead” found in the horror stories of H.P. Lovecraft. In Raimi’s film, a group of university students head to the hills to spend a weekend in an isolated cabin where they find the book which unleashes demons to kill them. The film was the darkest in the trilogy which would become increasingly comic in tone but made a cult star out of actor Bruce Campbell.

“Drag Me to Hell”

Released in 2009 and heralded as Raimi’s triumphant return to horror after working on the Spiderman films stars up-and-coming actress Alison Lohman and Justin Long. Lohman gets cursed by a gypsy after foreclosing on her house (how modern) and subsequently realizes she has three days before a demon will come to take her to hell. The film is short, simple and full of Raimi gross-out gags that will keep you scared and laughing.

“Army of Darkness”

The final in the “Evil Dead” trilogy, “Army of Darkness” is the most light-hearted and slapstick of the three films, with Raimi transporting protagonist Ash to Medieval England where he has to fight Lord Arthur, find the Necronomicon and make it back to his own time period.

alan mcgee is a freelance writer from MN