In Your Quest to Attract Success Have You Lost ‘the Little Shining Key”?

January 12, 2010 in Inquisitor News, Lovecraft News

Copyright (c) 2008 Michael Messina

When I was young and trying to figure out the secrets of life, the universe and everything, I’d occasionally stumble upon a story that would shine a light and help make sense of it all.

These stories tended to be written by writers of fantasy and science fiction, though not always.

One in particular, that still leaves its mark today, was penned by a writer of ‘weird horror stories’ in the tradition of Edgar Allen Poe and HP Lovecraft. The author is Algernon Blackwood and the story in question ‘The Old Man Of Visions.’

It tells of how the narrator of the story meets this otherworldly character, The Old Man Of Visions, and through him gains access to an Invisible World that exists alongside, but just beyond the reach of our own. There, to quote the text; “past and future meet and all real dreams find completeness.”

I later discovered that Algernon Blackwood as well as being a prolific writer of such stories, was also a long time member of a famous Magical Fraternity called The Golden Dawn so the chances are that he had an insiders view of the subjects he wrote about.

So, what does this have to do with The Law of Attraction and the way you can use it to create the kind of reality you want to live?

Let’s take a look at what is meant by ‘all real dreams find completeness’.

The Law of Attraction works because the emotional resonance of your strongest desires generates a vibration that is ‘sympathetic’ to the outcome of having those desires manifest for you. This vibration acts as a magnet, which draws the desired object or circumstance into your life.

If you substitute ‘real desires’ for the ‘real dreams’ in The Old Man of Visions, it is a fair bet that the Invisible World described in the story is the same Inner World you enter to work most effectively with The Law of Attraction and that The Old Man of Visions at some level represents the voice of your Higher Self.

In the story the narrator goes on to tell how he is given a ‘little shining key’ to the abode of The Old Man of Visions, but loses touch with him when his attention is drawn to more worldly matters. This echoes a belief, long held by many, that you cannot enjoy worldly success and spiritual enlightenment at the same time.

I’ve always felt that this point of view was initially encouraged by ‘religions’ that wanted to keep their flock under the thumb in case any got ideas above their station. The old adage of ‘live humbly now and you’ll get your rewards in the hereafter’ does hold a grain of truth, but has over time been deliberately misinterpreted.

The metaphysical view of heaven is that state of awareness where all aspects of consciousness merge and become one. It is also the domain of your Higher Self, that Greater Aspect of your True Self, whose eternal quest incorporates, but does not solely consist of your current incarnation.

From this perspective, the kind of success, worldly or otherwise, you want to attract through The Law of Attraction ideally needs to be in line with the eternal quest of your Higher Self. Get in tune with that and your ability to manifest what you want will go through the roof.

So, what is the mystery of ‘The Little Shining Key’?

The Little Shining Key is somewhat open to interpretation. For me it represents a spiritual code that grants us access to our Inner Sanctum. For you it could be something else.

The story concludes with the narrator doing something that causes him to lose the ‘little shining key’ forever. What that is I’ll let you discover by reading The Old Man of Visions for yourself. There is great wisdom to be found in this story and since it is now out of copyright, I’ve managed to track down a pdf version you can either read or download for free at my website if you so wish. You’ll find it in the Gifts section.

Michael Messina is a writer and metaphysician, who has been writing about and researching personal metaphysics for over 30 years. Initially a student of Theosophy, his quest for inner knowledge has since taken him through elements of the Esoteric Mystery Schools and more recently into New Age Thought. He is the author of The Secret Mind Inner Guidance System. You can find out more about this at;