H.P. Lovecraft: Quite Possibly the Pioneer of Modern Day Horror

January 11, 2010 in Inquisitor News, Lovecraft News

If you take the cosmos, spiritual beliefs and that creepy crypt keeper from Tales from the Crypt you’ve got a modern day H.P. Lovecraft horror. His impact on American culture is outstanding. For Stephen King, he is the backbone of 20th Century horror.


Born on August 20, 1890, as Howard Phillips Lovecraft, he started out with an amazing ability to recite poems and write at a young age. H.P. Lovecraft quizzes are a great way to understand that he was ill most of his life. His father became suddenly insane over night, but it was discovered he had syphilis. H.P. Lovecraft believed all his life that his father died of exhaustion because of his busy work.


From this point on, H.P. Lovecraft stayed close to his grandfather. During their time together, his grandfather shared his original horror tales with H.P. When H.P. Lovecraft’s grandfather died he drowned himself in these horror tales. These tales became his life.


An H.P. Lovecraft quiz can simply outline his works. The protagonists in his works are always struggling and gambling with insanity. Is this a reflection of his life? Or just a strange hobby? Some of his works have influenced different spiritual cults, like voodoo.


H.P. Lovecraft Trivia brings new light to the interesting facts about him. Did you know he had a deep love for chemistry and astronomy? At age 8, he was taken out of school because of his illness. But later in life, he was selected to have his works published in The Scientific Gazette. His 1926 opening for his weird tale, “The Call of Cthulhu”, sparked many peoples’ interest.


Around the world, horror films and literature thrill many people. H.P. Lovecraft made the first stepping stones to where we are today in horror films and literature. In places like China and France, horror fests and shows take place annually every year. Hundreds of thousands of people show up; each to be thrilled, scared and utterly disgusted by these horror films. 


H.P. Lovecraft made horror tales an American past time. He lived and breathed his life works. If H.P Lovecraft hadn’t been the off-beat person he was, what would our modern day cultures be like? Would there be a Thriller video? Would we have horrific Rob Zombie films or Nightmare on Elm Street? Our culture would not be what it is today without H.P Lovecraft and his strange world.




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